We’re big fans of podcasts, especially when we go running or need some entertainment while cooking, especially when our Spotify playlists seem a bit dull. So, here are some exciting shows for you. And once more, if you’re listening to something fantastic and want us to add it to our list, please feel free to email us.

Goal Digger

Jenna Kutcher, a talented photographer turned online educator, is also the host of the Goal Digger Podcast. As a new mom who’s been open about her journey through years of infertility before welcoming her little girl, she keeps it real about the challenges of working motherhood.

“Goal Digger,” with its catchy name, is one of my top picks for motivational podcasts for women. It strikes the perfect balance between relatability and inspiration, offering a wealth of practical advice and uplifting stories to help you pursue your goals.

Working Mom Hour

“The Working Mom Hour” is a must-listen on our motivational podcast for women list because it’s all about “cultivating more joy at the corner of calm and chaos.” Count me in!

Hosted by Madeline Caldwell and Erica Mechlinski, both working moms and business partners, this podcast is dedicated to shedding light on the working mom experience. They understand that as working moms, we’re juggling a lot, and their engaging discussions will not only make you feel understood but also provide valuable tips on how to tackle your everyday challenges.

Unlocking US

Renowned social scientist and bestselling author, Brene Brown, hosts one of my favorite motivational podcasts for women, “Unlocking Us.” What makes it stand out isn’t the typical “rah-rah” cheerleading; it’s the permission it gives us to embrace our humanity.

Brown’s work underscores the importance of understanding ourselves as a foundational step towards finding our purpose and summoning the courage to pursue it. It’s when we’re honest, vulnerable, and build meaningful connections that the real magic happens. Through her books and insightful conversations with thought leaders on her podcast, Brown shares research and insights that empower you on this journey.

Women at Work

Hailing from Harvard Business Review, “HBR Women at Work” is hosted by Amy Berstein and Amy Gallo, delivering valuable content since 2018!

This podcast offers expert guidance from senior leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches, making it a valuable resource for career-focused women with busy schedules. It covers a wide range of topics, such as navigating complex work relationships, transitioning in your career, balancing working motherhood, honing leadership skills, and exploring side gigs.

Skimm this

Including Skimm This on our list of motivational podcasts for women is essential because our intelligent and ambitious readers seek to stay informed about current events. Skimm This serves this purpose perfectly.

I personally tune in to Skimm This every Thursday to get a quick overview of the week’s news, ensuring that I stay up to date on vital issues that may have slipped past me during the busy workday or the post-school rush. While theSkimm hosts aren’t there to coach you directly, I find motivation and inspiration from the show. It often sparks ideas about how I can make a meaningful impact in the world and contribute value. Being well-informed is undeniably empowering!

Best of Both Worlds

Authors Laura Vanderkam and physician Sarah Hart-Unger co-host the “Best of Both Worlds” podcast, which focuses on the realm of working motherhood. Both Laura and Sarah, who are moms themselves and have also established successful careers they’re passionate about, manage to make room for enjoyment and exercise in their lives. It’s almost like they’re living the dream, isn’t it?

What makes their podcast so valuable is their candidness about their experiences, which aren’t always picture-perfect. However, they’ve acquired time management and efficiency techniques that transform the “I don’t have the time!” mindset into a more productive “Alright, how can we make this work?” approach. The show’s impressive lineup of guests also brings unique perspectives to the conversation.

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